Love of a Wild Thing


Remington and Lydia are good.

Really good.

The kind of good that makes others stare.

Remington is ready for the next step in their relationship. Lydia is ready to leave the planet—literally.

An opportunity to study her findings in space arises and she can’t pass it up. Nor does she want to. 

Besides, absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?

But back on Earth jealousy infects their connection like a disease. Outside influences steal what was a precious thing and take it for their own.

When Lydia comes home, Remington is gone.

Will their love be strong enough to bring them back together?


**Contains adult language and situations

What's Being Said

As a bookworm with nerdish tendencies and a total love of this series, I must say that this book hit all the right notes for me.

Jo Evans

A British Bookworm


I've always said that reading Heidi's books is like a breath of fresh air and I stand by those words.


Jen's Book Obsession

I feel like The Hope That Starts is a whole tardis moment wrapped in a pretty little blue book. I think my favorite line is when Zelda says,
"It's bigger on the inside,"


Goodreads review


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