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THE DOUBLE BLIND STUDY SERIES is an exciting romance series about rock stars in recovery. The Double Blind Study band has already lived the rock and roll cliché. This is life after. Full of humor, heart, and slow burn romance. Each book can be read alone but it is best if read in order. Cliffhanger free.

THE SOARING BIRD SERIES follows a group of extreme sports enthusiasts as they navigate life and love living on the California coast. Slow burn romantic comedies that can be read individually, but best if read in order. Cliffhanger free.

A collaborative series set in the Seduction in the City World, set in the Penny Reid Universe.

In Between the Earth and Sky

THE IN BETWEEN DUET SERIES is a slow burn unconventional romance that explores the connections of science and poetry. Occasionally intense moments of personal clarity and heartfelt confessions. Filled with touches of humor and real world obstacles. Cliffhanger free.

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