Dear Doctor


The sunshine is pouring through the clouds, vaporizing them with heat and brilliance. I keep staring at it. All I can think about is the way your wake-up call made me smile.

Because the battle cry of an unbeatable foe is the only thing that gets you out of bed in the morning.

That's who you are. The warrior, the shield-maiden, the one who stands unafraid.

I wonder if anyone else tells you on the daily how fantastic you are. Like the way you say it to your companions.

You have an edge, a boldness in spirit. Along with an energy that is hesitantly playful. At your core is the delicate parts of you that you only show to those most worthy.

And sometimes...

everybody lives.

On those days...

you dance.


I don't think anyone truly realizes the depth of your passion. You will open up the center of the universe and burn up stars, just to make sure the person you love knows that they are loved. Even when you can't say the words.

Your proclivity to be rude is oftentimes lost on those less clever. But you never fail to make me laugh.

I know you think no one can hear your heart's cry...but I do. I'm listening. And I'm forever running with you. All the running.

I wonder if you'll ever be able to accept that fact that you're brilliant. That when you grab someone's hand and pull them along with you on your merry adventure, it's only the greatest day of their lives.

I love watching you change people's lives. They think they're so ordinary, then you prove that they are, in fact, the most important person in all of creation.

I admire your devotion. I like to pretend that I'm part of it at times. That I brought you to them. But the charm is authentically yours.


The raggedy man. My raggedy man.

I see you. And I hear you.

Especially when you've decided to leave the breaks on just to hear the whine of the motor and announce to your arrival.

Your optimism is infectious, however dangerous. I have yet to meet a companion of yours that has a regret where you're concerned. You change lives. You change universes. You drop out of the sky and suddenly everything is new.

You have too much to carry on those wobbly legs of yours and somehow you manage to pull it off. Every single time. Never have I seen anything be able to stop you.

You're a mad man. You run through all of time and space and hardly stop to catch your breath. It's magnificent.

And at one time, we talked. With mouths and words. And it was wonderful.

My Doctors.


For however long I get to keep you.

I just wanted to say, “Hello.”

Watch us run.

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