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Tumor Treatment Update and Bacon Cravings

Today was...not awful. 

I've had awful days in the past and this was not one. 

I think I may have overdone it yesterday. Yes; that makes sense. 

The medicine is working as far as I can tell. The first week was weird and harsh and unpredictable. But I'm starting to pick up on my body's cues and differentiate between what's a side affect and what's a problem. So far, I'm very pleased. 

I've been having so many good days in a row despite the sense of impending doom in the back of my mind. A voice warning me, "This is all temporary. Get everything done today because tomorrow your body might not work!"

I use up my good days like you would approach an All You Can Eat buffet of breakfast foods. With glee and complete abandonment of social decorum. And an extra strip or two of bacon.

Then the tumor figyts back and I realize a human being should never consume that much bacon in day. 

Yet I maintain my lack of regret. 

(You guys know the bacon is metaphorical, right? I don't want y'all thinking I just sit around consuming pounds of bacon all of the time.)

Unfortunately today was not one of my better days. Today was a day where my body didn't work and didn't want to work. Headache. Exhaustion. Muscle pain. Exhaustion. Confusion. Exhaustion. 

Doesn't matter. 

I'm still right. 

This is all temporary. 

Eventually, I'm going to have more good days than bad.

And bacon for everyone everyday. 

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