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Summer of Words 2018


This blog comes to you in the midst of one of the worst colds of my life. Though, to be fair, nearly every cold I get these days is the worst one ever thanks to my compromised immune system.

My writing has slowed down considerably over the last couple of years due to both health and personal reasons. You, the greatest readers of all time, have been amazingly understanding about that. Because of that, I want to give you more and more things.

This has led to a problem.

I have a history of putting too much on my plate at once (both literally and metaphorically). And I want so very badly to be able to deliver. But I also need to be realistic with my limitations.

So I'm going to be taking an internet hiatus for the summer.

For one, I will have a seven-year-old home with me everyday this summer. Which, I don't know if you've ever had one of those at home with you before, but they can be very distracting. Also, I adore my kid so I'm really looking forward to our insane summer together.

This is the last full week of school so I'm taking the opportunity to organize my calendar and make some tough calls. The internet is a huge distraction for me. I need to limit my time on it. This means I may not be quite as accessible as usual. My social media is probably going to look a little less active this summer. But they will be updated periodically to keep them from fading into Algorithm Oblivion. In full disclosure, most of the posts will be scheduled in advance.

But the good news is that I will be able to bring you more stories much faster. Including getting the BORN TO RESIST novella out to you guys. Not to mention Sway and Ryan's wedding FEEL THIS REAL. These stories will now be posted as installments on Wattpad for easy access. I'll still send out reminders in my newsletter, but this way the entire story will be easier to find as a whole. And of course, free.

Also this summer, I'll be working on the next Soaring Bird book SUSHI AND SUN SALUTATIONS. I really love these characters and can't wait to get them to you. Also on the docket is a part two to IN BETWEEN THE EARTH AND SKY.

The less time I spend online, the faster I'll be able to get more stories to you. And isn't that what this is all for? MORE stories??

Of course it is.

So, hang in there. Don't sweat it. I'll be back before you know it and with all new things to share.

And keep watch on my Wattpad page for lovely little extras from the DBS crew.

Soaring Bird 1-3

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