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Glitter on the Floor

End of the year.

Personally? It was enormous. I learned way more than I expected. I grew and developed significant relationships. I healed parts of myself that had been sorely neglected.

Professionally? It was pretty cool.

I published one book in 2018.

Sushi and Sun Salutations. Maybe you read it.

I joked with my friends about how I should have really titled the Soaring Bird series "Heidi Works Out Her Issues." Because for real, so many issues.

I used to deny putting too much of myself in my books but I'm done with that. Blame the therapy. But I put hella shit about myself in my books. Telling stories about people who work through their obstacles and come out better for it at the end? Strangely cathartic.

It's cool. I'm not ashamed. I am who I am. Weird issues and all.

I originally made a list of all my favorite moments of 2018. It's long. I was going to share it here, but as I read through those important moments I realized I'd rather keep the list to myself. I have a feeling that the things I found significant won't mean as much to anyone else.

But I encourage you to make a list. Write down the things you remember most about your year. Relive it for a second. Hold onto it one more time. Look at what you went through and all you learned. Count your victories and loved ones. Celebrate this year.

I look forward to seeing what we do next.

I spent some time thinking about what lyrics I wanted to add to my FB cover photo to represent my theme for the coming year. As usual, Foo Fighters had my back. I hope you're as excited and hopeful for the coming year as I am.

Coming to you from me in 2019:

-MARCH 14 BOOK RELEASE Puppy Love and Peanut Butter (Soaring Bird #3)

- APRIL SIGNING NIBB in Clearlake, Iowa

-JUNE SIGNING Wild Deadwood Reads on Deadwood, SD

-JUNE BOOK RELEASE Rope-A-Dope (Soaring Bird #4)

-NOVEMBER 14 BOOK RELEASE In Between the Earth and Sky Book #2

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