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News & Puppy Teaser

Time for Heidi's News Blitz (If you're just here for the teaser, scroll to the bottom)

Some of you may have noticed that I had to change the release date for PUPPY LOVE AND PEANUT BUTTER. The release date is now April 2. Not a huge change, but enough of one to make sure I get the best story to you I can.

Because that's all I want. To give you the best of which I am capable.

This winter has been a little wild for me. Health issues, job changes for Cap, personal discouragement, and yet more health issues. They all cut into my writing time and my focus. Moving the release date was smarter than trying to die getting you a half-assed story.

And I love this story. I really hope you like it too, but if you don't, that's cool. I guess. I won't cry.

That's a lie. I cry all the time. But that doesn't have anything to do with you. It's just part of who I am.

But because I had to change the release date, that means preorders will be mostly gone. I mean, I can still do preorders on ALL the other platforms. Just not Amazon. Because (and this is strictly my wild imagination) they have a disconnect with actual humanity and don't realize that life can be tumultuous and unpredictable. Unless you're making them gobs of money. And then they love you.

And the bulk of my preorders happen on Amazon.

So, yay! I'm in publishing timeout and I hope I learn my lesson. *snort*

And just when I was gearing up for a publish-happy year.

Oh well, I guess you'll just have to be surprised when the books go live.

Here is my publishing plans as of this minute. Though they may change as we go.

Puppy Love & Peanut Butter (Soaring Bird 3) - APRIL 2

Rope-A-Dope (Soaring Bird 4) - JUNE/JULY

In Between the Earth and Sky (Book 2) - NOVEMBER/DECEMBER

And now *drumroll begins* the teaser...



Puppy Love & Peanut Butter

(c) 2019 Heidi Hutchinson Unedited and Unproofed

Everything was wrong about this moment. Bo shouldn’t be there. He didn’t belong in her world anymore than dancing did. All of that had ended more than a decade ago.

And yet, there he was.

Standing in the doorway of the bathroom of her ex’s house.

It was surreal.

“You’re a little bit of a wreck.”

Her spine stiffened and she frowned at him.

It shouldn’t matter. His opinion of her had stopped mattering a long time ago. Or it should have. But for some reason those words hit a place in her heart, sending an ache echoing through her limbs.

“What?” she asked, voice thick.

Bo shook his head, his eyes roving from her feet to her hair and back again. Missing nothing in between.

“We need to get you cleaned up. Those scratches could get infected. And you were on the roof in bare feet.” He made a grunting noise in his throat as he dropped to a squat. His warm hands cupped the back of her knee and pulled her foot off the floor. “These abrasions need to be cleaned.” One hand ran the length of her calf, stopping at her heel. “And this bite is nasty. Do you know when she had her last rabies vaccination?”

Spencer licked her lips and stared down at the top of Bo’s dark blond head. The places where his hands met her skin tingled with warmth. He raised his eyes to meet hers, waiting for her answer.

“Um, I don’t know,” she finally answered. “I think her records are in a cupboard in the kitchen.”

Bo’s stormy blue eyes softened to match the tone of his voice.

“Why did you do that? Climbing up there with no shoes on?”

“Because I’m a rascal,” she said, voice strained.

His lips twitched and his eyes bounced between hers.



What do you think?! Do you want to see more? LET ME KNOW!!







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