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The Long Way 'Round

2022 was so very full.

A lot of good. A lot of bad. Al mixed up in days and nights and weeks and months of living. A balance between the two ends that has left me grateful.

I wrote 2 books I am incredibly proud of. Published one.

My goal had been much loftier last January. But I did my best and I'm going to keep doing that.

I went to Book Bonanza as a signing author. A dream come true, bucket list, vision board moment. While there I was able to meet in person most of the other Smartypants authors. And then immediately made it awkward by talking about dead possums at breakfast (I am still SO SORRY). I was on several author panels that weekend with literal rock star authors. And I also had a gluten reaction that set off the worst migraine of my life.

I learned how to make better book covers and remembered that I am capable of cool shit.

Important relationships strengthened and grew.

And some faded away.

I had a sad girl summer and learned how to give myself grace for the things I never had before.

I had someone report some errors in my first book which threw a content quality warning on my sales page. It cut my sales in half overnight. But because of that, I had the book reedited. Then I went through it and removed all the things that didn't belong. And then I did the same for the rest of the series. Those actions freed a part of me I didn't know had been caged.

I read good books.

I ate good food.

I loved a good man.

I was brave.

So maybe I'm taking the long way 'round to where I'm going. But I'm glad for it.

Let's see what happens next.

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