Puppy Love & Peanut Butter

He only had one heart, and he had given it to her years ago.

Bo and Spencer’s feud had always caused chaos and destruction when in close quarters. What their friends didn’t know was the secret and bizarre joy both of them got from pushing the other to the brink of insanity.

She was the one person in the world who had ever been able to stand up to him and he adored her for it. Even though she insisted that she didn’t have those kinds of feelings for him in return.

But there’s more going on in Spencer’s life than she can handle. And when Bo walks in on it one night, he decides to insert himself in her life without her permission. Suddenly their lifelong “feud” has more sparks than ever.

Will Bo sway Spencer into seeing him as more than a friend?
Or will he lose everything that’s ever mattered to him?

Puppy Love and Peanut Butter is book 3 in the Soaring Bird series but can be read as a standalone.
PG17 for language, emotional baggage, self-doubt, mild heat, and intense thematic elements
Prepare yourself for feelings.

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What's Being Said

...a perfect poolside read. Simply adorable.

Jo Evans

A British Bookworm


The superb storytelling of this author made their journey fun and exciting


BF Bookies

...so swoon worthy it's ridiculous!


Goodreads review

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