The Hope

That Starts

Double Blind Study book 5

If there's one thing Zelda Fitzpatrick is good at, it's fandom. She can out-geek the geekiest. Her devotion knows no bounds. Her love is true, her motives pure. Oh, and she's also a talented freelance photographer, newly hired to go on the road with one of her favorite bands, Double Blind Study.


All she has to do is not ruin this opportunity with her nerdy references (which are in abundance) or her devout klutziness.


And she probably shouldn't fall madly in love with lead guitarist, Harrison O'Neil... who is taken. Unfortunately.


What's Being Said

As a bookworm with nerdish tendencies and a total love of this series, I must say that this book hit all the right notes for me.

Jo Evans

A British Bookworm


I've always said that reading Heidi's books is like a breath of fresh air and I stand by those words.


Jen's Book Obsession

I feel like The Hope That Starts is a whole tardis moment wrapped in a pretty little blue book. I think my favorite line is when Zelda says,
"It's bigger on the inside,"


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